A Christmas adventure? Alpaca our bags.

Not quite the usual Christmas festivities for our office outing last year, but despite the pandemic we enjoyed ourselves hugely.

On a cold and rather dank December morning, we all headed off for an Alpaca Walking Experience. After a talk by one of the keepers we were each given our own alpaca to walk. We fell in love with our charges.

Steve ‘the cheeky ginger one’ kept trying to lead Lara astray, Linda and her ‘stud’, Grand Design cut rather a dash together, and then there was Onyx, who Nanette spent most of the time prizing away from the rear of the alpaca in front! Alpacas are lovely gentle creatures each with their own character – ours were naughty, cheeky, hopeful and very cute – a bit like us! We ended up in the gift shop and we all bought warm alpaca gloves which have been very much appreciated over the last few weeks.

In response to last year’s survey, we have been sharing financial tips and posting regular online bulletins.  Look out for new posts this month:

1. Spring Budget and end of year tax planning
2. 2021/22 tax bands and allowances
3. Redundancy and pension 

As always, please do contact us if you require any specific advice, our contact details are above.

I’m sure it’s not too late to wish you all a healthy start to 2021, Nanette Strover and The Hubert Child team.