How do we work?

As your independent financial advisers, our job is to understand your individual circumstances, needs and desires, then interpret them to find the right combination of financial products to meet your requirements.

So, we’ll start by addressing questions that seem simple on the face of it but can have profound implications when you think about them. Do I have enough money now? Will I have enough in the future? What will happen to it after I’m gone? How can I be sure my money’s in the right place? Then we’ll provide the answers, which could include investments, estate and inheritance tax planning, retirement and pension advice and other services.

Above all, we never forget it’s your life and your money. We’re here to take away worry and anxiety – and as specialists in ethical, sustainable and social impact investments, we can help you align your financial objectives with your personal principles and values.

Who we are


Nanette looks after our overall direction and strategy. She began her financial services career in 1999 as an independent financial advisor, before joining established sole practitioner and long-time family friend Hubert Child as Joint Director of the business in 2012. She became Principal Director upon Hubert’s retirement in 2015. 

Nanette is passionate about people, and loves helping them identify and realise their lifetime goals through her work. She has grown Hubert Child’s legacy, maintaining core values of integrity and professionalism while also keeping a sense of fun at the heart of the business. 

Outside work, Nanette’s interests including spending time with family and friends, enjoying walks in the beautiful South Downs countryside where she lives and practising yoga. She also enjoys discovering new places (both home and abroad) and watching all sports, particularly rugby. 


Lara is our Office Manager. She has been at Hubert Child since August 2020, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business. 

Prior to joining the company, Lara enjoyed a 24-year career as a primary school teacher. Her most recent position was Deputy Head of the Learning Support Department at Cranleigh Preparatory School, where she also taught English. 

Nanette Strover

Lara Martin