Grow your money more responsibly

As investors today, we’re all aware that every investment we make will affect our world in some way. The question though is how do we balance the need to generate high returns with choosing investments that have a positive environmental and social impact? At Hubert Child, we believe you can achieve both.

Let Impact Investing impact your decisions
In the past, ethical funds that excluded certain types of investments, such as tobacco and weapons, were the only option if you wanted to match your investments with your values. These funds are now joined by a range of other opportunities that allow us all to invest more responsibly. 

In our opinion, there are now around 380 investment opportunities in this area covering all aspects of avoiding harm (responsible and ethical) and doing good (sustainable and impactful). If you are new to these terms, the table below will help you understand more. All investments in this area of the market offer varying degrees of:

1. Avoiding harm and investing in companies who are socially or environmentally good

2. Investing in or lending to companies with clear ethical or moral values

3. Investing to support specific causes to generate sustainable, positive change.

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