As an independent financial adviser, Hubert Child offers you ‘whole-of-market’ choice: we’re not affiliated to any particular brand, fund or management company, so we can recommend whatever products and services provide the best fit for you and your money.

We’ll put together an individual package of financial products and services for you, based on your objectives. This could include planning your retirement, funding a second home, long-term care or school fees, or investing for growth, income or inheritance tax (IHT) efficiency. We also take account of your personal attitude to risk, with products to suit the conservative and cautious investor, those seeking a balanced portfolio, and clients with a taste for the more adventurous and exotic. Alongside traditional investment vehicles, we specialise in the emerging field of social impact investment. A step on from ethical investment, this involves investing in companies whose activities create a positive social or environmental impact, as well as generating financial returns.

To find out more about our range of services, please follow the links below – and to talk to us about your individual needs and situation, in confidence and without obligation, please contact us.

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Investment Traditional

With our extensive knowledge and nearly 30 years’ experience of the market, we are perfectly placed to build the right portfolio of financial products to help you achieve your goals. Whether choosing stocks and shares, corporate bonds, gilts or property investments, we can offer you the freedom of the whole of the market because we are completely independent with no tie-in to any brand or fund manager.

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Investment Sustainable

We can help guide you through the rapidly growing area of ethical and sustainable investment vehicles. Exciting opportunities are opening up all the time to secure financial returns while at the same time creating social value or supporting the environment. Investing with your heart as well as your head is a win-win situation with the right strategy, which is where our expertise comes in.

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We provide the full range of administration services. These support you from the first step of assessing your financial position, through determining the right asset allocation for the level of risk you are comfortable with, to conducting regular reviews. We also ensure regulatory compliance and monitor market conditions and fund performance to ensure your plan is on track.

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Retirement Choices

Today we can look forward to more active years in retirement than past generations, which prompts questions about when to retire and what income we need. It also raises options around where you may want to live, whether you want to pursue a new interest or how to make best use of your assets. We can help you to develop a personalised package of financial products so you can make the most of your retirement.

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Next Generation Planning

We are a family firm that has worked with families through the generations. This means that a key area of our specialist expertise is around advising on how you can best use your assets to support your children and grandchildren. Property, family trusts, school fees, inheritance and estate tax planning are some of the important components that may be considered as part of different family-focused financial arrangements.

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Later Life Planning

This is a growing issue as we are all living longer and it is important to consider appropriate provision for later life. We have an important role here in helping you consider the different options around such things as downsizing from a larger property or funding a second home or other type of accommodation, and funding long-term care. These represent significant life choices, and we can support you so you can make informed decisions.

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Tax and Financial Planning

We’re here to help you achieve your financial goals through the right mix of financial products, available across the whole market, that are tax-efficient and meet your individual requirements. Whether your priority is achieving growth or boosting your income, we can provide expert, impartial advice in line with the level of risk you are comfortable with.